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The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage


Should you decide to rent one of our climate controlled storage units, you'd have the luxury of storing your goods in a temperature controlled storage units. These temperature controlled storage units provide you with the safest option for your most valued possessions. But why is climate controlled storage so important? Because temperature damage can be very heinous. If you're not using climate controlled storage, frigid winters and hot summers can cause damage to goods, even if they're inside regular local storage units.

"I have all my old video games and a tube TV from my mom's old house in a 5 X 10 climate controlled unit. Every once in awhile I take one of those old systems out and they are still in good working condition." - Davis, Bohemia NY

What type of damage does temperature controlled storage protect against? In temperature controlled storage units, you won't have to worry about mold or mildew building up. This prevents the rotting of clothes and furniture. Climate controlled storage also prevents the harm caused by ice and frost to electronics and appliances. Theres no frozen water damage associated with temperature controlled storage. You also won't have to worry about any perishables potentially rotting in climate controlled storage. This type of quality damage protection makes temperature controlled storage the best option for year-round rental units. Call today to talk to our staff about booking your climate controlled storage unit long-term!

The Best Local Storage Deals

Why are our deals the best local storage deals? Because we offer great incentives wit hour local storage units. Did you know 1 Storage offers a FREE moving truck rental whenever you book one of our local storage units? With this truck, you can move all of your goods into local storage at no extra charge. This deal, along with others, make our local storage facilities the best options on climate controlled storage and temperature controlled storage in the region! Call today and reserve ahead of time in order to get your truck on the day that best suits you. Our staff is waiting!